This almost square shaped Inverter Generator weighs 95 lbs so it is quite solid. The Wireless Remote means you can leave this generator out in the garage and still switch it on from inside the house.

Champion 3100w inverter generator with remote start Reviews

Champion 3100w inverter generator with remote start Reviews

What is the Best Use of the Champion Inverter Generator 755371i?

This inverter has a very compact shape so it’s a good fit in the camper van or RV. Take it with you when you go boating or fishing, camping or on a long trip with a caravan in tow.

Which Items Will It Power?

Champion 3100w inverter generator is a good power source for the electric lights, the refrigerator, fan, TV/DVD Player, the PC, the smartphone or tablet and the charger. It can also run a 15,000 BTU air conditioner.

What are the Runtime and the Fuel Source of the Champion 755371i?

This Inverter will run for 8 hours at a 25% power load on a full tank of gasoline. The tank is full at 1.6 gallons. The electricity it produces is a clean power source. The oil requirements are 0.6 gallon.

What Sort of Start Mechanism does the Champion 755371i have?

The Champion Inverter has a push button electric starter and a manual pull rope starter, as well as the Remote or Wireless Control. It is packaged with 1 X 120 Volt 30A RV lead; 2 X 120 Volt 20A household outlets and 1 X 12 Volt DC outlets.

The Pros of the Champion 75531i Invertor Generator.

  • The easy to use Remote Start function.
  • The ability to provide clean power for most household items.
  • The relatively low decibel level - 58dB.
  • Easy portability, will fit into the boot of most cars, trucks and RV’s.

The Cons of the Champion 75531i Inverter Generator.

  • The battery must be switched to the ON position for the remote Start function to work properly, but the battery will hold a charge for two weeks.
  • The Champion Inverter Generator is quite heavy at the weight of 95 lbs, but this is offset by its compact fit-anywhere shape.
  • The run time, which 8 hrs. at 25% power is quite short. Customers would have to make sure that they have some spare gasoline stored in a container in their vehicle, or at home.
  • The decibel level is 58dB from a distance of 23 ft., ao it could sound loud if you were standing closer. The Inverter would need to be kept at a distance from the home or campsite, when it was operating.

Questions and Answers about the Champion 755371i Inverter Generator.

Q: Isn’t it a problem that you have to disconnect all the devices you have plugged in to the generator before you can utilize the Remote Start function?
A: You have to remove all the devices that are plugged in to the Inverter Generator before you can utilize the Remote Start function, so that all the devices do not start at the same time. This would drain the generator.

Q: Is the Champion 755371i Inverter generator sold in Canada? I cannot find it any of the stores and I really like the Remote Start function?
A: No, the Champion 755371i Inverter generator is not available in Canada at this time. Please let your local store clerk know about it, as we would like to start selling in Canada.

Q: What is the maximum operating temperature of the Champion 755371i Generator? I find it runs well at 85°, but it is harder to start and to use to run the AC Unit at 100°?
A: This Champion Inverter generator can run continuously at 104°. The generator does not work as well in very hot weather, so to make starting your 15K BTU AC unit easier; I recommend the installation of a hard start capacitor.

Q: Where can I find a battery for the Champion 755371i Inverter Generator?
A: I do not recommend any specific brand or model of battery, but it should be easy to locate a 12 Volt 7AH Sealed Lead Acid battery in a store that is near you. This is the size of battery that will fit into the tray on the Champion Inverter Generator. You can also purchase a suitable battery from Champion if you give us a call.

Q: Has the Champion Inverter Generator 755371i ever been manufactured with an ability to run for an extended time?
A: We do not have any systems in place that let the generator run for an extended time. We may be able to offer an option such as this in the future.

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