The Generac 5493 Gas Powered Generator has been manufactured with an extra-large tank. The heavy duty OHV engine and the innovative splash lubrication ensure that this inverter generator will last and last.

Generac 5943 7500 Watts Portable Generator Reviews

What is the Best Use for the Generac 5943 Inverter Generator?

The hard-working Generac 5943 Inverter Generator can be used to supply emergency power in the home, or it can be used at outdoor events such as carnivals and parades. On-the-job repairs can also be powered by the Generac 5943.

What Items Will the Generac 5943 Inverter Generator Run?

The high-powered Generac 5943 keeps the important equipment running. This means you will never be without the lights, the refrigerator, the AC, the freezer or the heater even in the middle of a blackout. Run PC’S and other sensitive electrical items too.

What are the Runtime and the Fuel of the Generac 5943 Inverter Generator?

The Generac 5943 runs on LP Fuel and the ten-gallon fuel tank allows extended run times of up to 15 hours.

Is the Generac 5943 Portable and Maneuverable?

The Generac 5943 is more maneuverable than it is portable. It is a heavy object, which weighs 215 lbs when packaged for shipping. The durable steel frame makes the Generac 5943 resistant to impact and the fact that it is on wheels means that it can be wheeled or pulled around quite easily.

Generac 5943 7500 Watts Portable Generator Reviews

The Pros of the Generac 5943 Inverter Generator

  • The Generac 5943 Inverter Generator has high wattage for both starting-up and running. With run watts of 7,500 this inverter can power almost all domestic and outdoors equipment.
  • The Generac 5943 is very easy to start and stop. Simply press the button for both of these operations.
  • This generator shuts itself down automatically if the oil levels are too low. This means that the engine will last for much longer.
  • The Generac inverter generator is known to be one of the most reliable in the class of 7,500 Watt generators.

The Cons of the Generac 5943 Inverter Generator

  • The Generac 5943 is very noisy. It must be kept at a distance from the house and it is not really suitable for use in close quarters such as camping grounds.
  • This inverter has been known to leak gas. This is a serious problem as gas is poisonous. This inverter must be run in an open space and kept as far away as possible from flammable items.
  • This inverter generator cannot be carried by one person alone. It needs two people to carry it around. It can be wheeled around on the very sturdy wheels.
  • The Generac 5943 in particular of all the Generac models, may leak all the fuel out of the fuel tank. Too prevent this from happening it is very important to turn off the ball cock each time the generator has been in use.

Questions and Answers about the Generac 5943 Inverter Generator

  • Q: What is the THD or Total Harmonic Distortion of this inverter?
    A: For standard inverter generators such as the Generac 5943 the THD is likely to be between 5% and 10%.
  • Q: How much oil does it take to fill The Generac 5943’s oil tank?
    A: The Generac 5943’s oil can hold 1.7 quarts if they an oil filter has been installed, and 1.4 quarts if the oil filter has not been installed.
  • Q: Does the Generac 5943 inverter have noise muffler?
    A: The Company Generac has provided a built-in noise muffler for the 5943 model. The decibel level of this inverter is 70-75dB.
  • Q: Does the Generac 5943 inverter have a pull starter as well as the push button starter?
    A: Yes, the Generac 5943 inverter generator does have a pull start mechanism, which can be used to start the generator, instead of the push button starter.
  • Q: Is there a cover for the Generac 5943 inverter that can be used to protect it from the elements?
    A: This inverter must never be fully enclosed or covered up, because it is an air-cooled machine and the air vents must not be blocked.


I hope that this review of the best Inverter generators has been helpful and that you have been able to make up your mind about which inverter generator you would like to buy. For my money, it’s the Generac 5943 7500 Watts Best Portable Inverter Generator, but I suppose the final choice is up to you.

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