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Honda EU20001 2000 Watt Inverter Generator Reviews

The Honda Super Quiet Inverter Generator is known for its almost silent performance. It’s smaller than its competitors as well, with dimensions of 20.1” X 16.8” X 11.4”. This means that the Honda EU 20001 is both compact and quiet.

Honda EU20001 2000 Watt Inverter Generator Reviews

​What is the Best Use of the Honda EU20001 Super Quiet Inverter Generator?

​The Honda EU 20001 generator is a take-anywhere generator which is lightweight at 46 lbs. It can also be moved about in a Handy Cart which is one of the many accessories that match this Honda model inverter.

​Which Items Does the Honda EU20001 run?

​The Honda EU20001 can easily power a refrigerator, a freezer, a blender, a coffee maker, a compute, a satellite or a garage door opener.

​What are the Run-time and the Fuel for the Honda EU20001?

​The Honda EU20001 has a run time of 8.1 hours at quarter-load power on a full tank. Its fuel is gasoline.

​Does the Honda EU20001 Inverter Generator Produce a Sine Wave?

​Yes, the Honda EU20001 has been manufactured with Clean Energy Technology, so it produces a Sine Wave which is able to run digital devices such as computer cell phones and routers.

The Pros of the Honda EU20001 Inverter Generator

  • This Honda inverter is famous for its quiet operation. It runs at low decibel levels of 53dB – 59dB
  • The Honda EU20001 inverter can be paired with another generator of the same size to ramp up the power. It’s easy to put two matching Honda Inverters into parallel configuration with a Honda cable.
  • The Honda EU20001 inverter is sold with a 3 Year Warranty, which covers either home or business usage.
  • Some great accessories can be purchased separately for this inverter, including a Storage Cover, a DC Charging Cord and an Anti-Theft Bracket.
Honda EU20001 2000 Watt Inverter Generator Reviews

The Cons of the Honda EU20001 Inverter Charger

  • The Honda EU20001 goes into overload mode very easily, especially at high altitude. It’s possible that the use of a high-octane fuel could cause this problem.
  • The Honda EU20001 is quite noisy when it is working it full capacity, although compared to a generator without inverter technology, the sound of the Honda EU 20001 running a full load is very much quieter.
  • Honda Customer Service personnel are not helpful. The best way to have a Honda product repaired is to buy it from a local dealer who can put you in touch with the closest Honda repair teams that are on the nationwide network.
  • The Honda EU20001 does not start easily in low temperatures, as the oil becomes thicker and this triggers the low oil sensor, which in turn, shuts down the machine. The best solution to this problem is to run the generator on an oil which has a lower viscosity.

Questions and Answers about the Honda EU20001 Inverter Generator

  • Q: What kind of cover can be bought for this inverter, to protect it from the elements?
    A: A Honda brand cover, which is made of high quality materials and which fits the inverter well, is able to be purchased online.
  • Q: Is it possible to run the Honda EU20001 inside the home?
    A: No, gasoline powered generators must never be run inside any enclosed space, as the high levels of Carbon Monoxide that are produced are deadly poison. Always run a generator i9n an open space.
  • Q: Is the Honda EU 20001 fitted with a spark protected, so that it can be used in National Parks?
    A: Yes, the Honda EU2001 has been fitted with a USDA Approved Spark Protector, so you will be able to set up camp in a National Park.
  • Q: Is my Honda EU 20001 able to be used in a parallel configuration with another generator of the same make and model?
    A: Yes, this is definitely able to be done. You will need to purchase either the Honda Parallel Kit or the Honda Parallel Cables.
  • Q: Can I use my Honda EU20001 at altitudes of higher than 7,000 ft.?
    A: The Honda EU 20001 can be used at high altitudes after a high-altitude carburetor has been installed. If you have had the jet inside a normal carburetors changed to be able to cope with the higher altitudes, you need to change it back when you return to a lower altitude.


I hope that this review of the best Inverter generators has been helpful and that you have been able to make up your mind about which inverter generator you would like to buy. For my money, it’s the Honda EU20001 2000 Watt Inverter Generator, but I suppose the final choice is up to you.