Porta Source IG800W Portable Invertor Generator

The Porta Source 800-watt portable generator is an ideal source for electricity. This inverter generator offers the best quality and endurance that is on the market. It is very versatile and can be taken almost anywhere. The portability option is a good fit for anyone. It can be used in remote places, job sites, camping, and for any outdoor activities. The generator has a variety of features that make it a resourceful generator to own.

Product Features and Benefits

Circulating Fuel Pump

The Porta Source 800-watt generator is equipped with a fuel circulation system. The circulation continues to move the fuel supply through the fuel system. The fuel then returns back to the fuel tank. This eliminates bubbles from forming in the fuel and causing the power to decrease. This unique circulating process keeps the fuel at a regulated temperature even in extremely hot conditions.

Fuel Efficient

The Porta Source generator has a fuel efficient system. This machine can run for 14 hours on one gallon of fuel. The generator is equipped to last a long time on a tank full of fuel. There is no reason to wake up during the night and fill the generator back up. It can continue to run while you sleep through the night. There is an economy mode adjuster that will adjust the fuel consumption and energy output. This feature will save on fuel costs, unnecessary electric usage.

Durable and Lightweight

This lightweight Porta Source generator only weights approximately 18 pounds. It can be easy to carry and transport to most locations. Traveling to a secluded place without electricity available can be overwhelming. Being able to take this lightweight generator with you, will handle your electrical needs. It is constructed with a durable casing and carrying handle. The handle makes it easier to carry on long journeys. The shell is made tough and can protect the generator from outdoor problems.


There is no need to place this generator far away from. It is designed and constructed to run quietly. It is equipped with a cast iron exhaust head, air intake with noise canceling, a multiple chamber muffler, housing with noise suppression, and a damper to block out vibration. All of these built-in features allow the inverter generator to have 58 decibels of noise.

Porta Source IG800W Portable Invertor Generator


  • When the generator is running, it is very quiet.
  • It’s easy to start up on first or second pull which is beneficial.
  • The generator is lightweight which makes it easier to carry on long hikes in the woods.
  • Set up is simple and the generator is ready to be used in a few minutes.


  • The generator offers less than 800 watts. The manufacturer could reflect this on their site or upgrade the wattage of this product.
  • The oil component is hard to get to when filling up the oil. It could be moved to allow easier access.
  • The fuel tank is not equipped to be filled by a fuel pump. This could be changed for easier refills.
  • This generator has been advertising as running for hours on a gallon of fuel, but the generator only holds a half gallon of fuel. This should be made aware for buyers to know this information.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • Q: Does this generator have a spark arrest-or to be able to be used in national parks?
    A: The generator does have a spark arrest-or. It is located at the end of the exhaust. It is a screen that is held on with a small clamp.
  • Q: What is the maximum power output?
    A: To be safe you can use 750 watts on a full tank of fuel.
  • Q: Will this unit run while lying on its side?
    A: No, it will not run while lying on its side. Doing this could cause it to catch fire.
  • Q: What size range of 12-volt battery charger is this product capable of running?
    A: If the battery charger is 800 watts or less, then it will work. If it is more wattage, then it won’t work.
  • Q: How is this generator different than the Earthquake 800-watt generator?A: There is not much difference except the Earthquake is made from another manufacturer.

Final Verdict

​The Porta Source IG800W Portable Inverter Generator has many remarkable features. It is quiet, lightweight, fuel circulation runs on less fuel, and can power many electrical items from anywhere. The customers who have purchased this item have been very pleased with it. The generator functions properly and has proven to be substantially quieter than other generators on the market. This generator is a good product and would be very beneficial for someone to purchase.

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